zondag 19 oktober 2008

Sunday Markets & Irish Club Concert

View along the Brisbane River on way to the Sunday markets

Another Jacaranda tree...

The Irish Club on Elizabeth Street

Concert in the Irish Club with Claire Roche (harpist)
and the Tara Singers

On Sunday we went to the Sunday Markets on the riverside riverfront Lots of stalls selling all sorts of things, food, art, crafts, etc.

At 2pm we walked to the Irish Club to attend the concert of Claire Roche a harpist and singer, who was visiting Brisbane she was accompanied by the local Tara Singers as well as one of the singers telling jokes during the intervals..!

We were the youngest in the audience, average age was +70 I think. All the usual irish ballads were played, such as Rose of Tralee, Danny Boy, Amazing Grace, etc, etc. Lots for the audience to sing along to.

We managed to track down the Queensland Harp Society using google which includes a list of harp teachers so there should be some opportunity for Inge to continue her harp lessons.

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