maandag 2 februari 2009

Hanggliding at Beechmont

On Sunday I went with a local hangglider pilot (Neil Peterson) to Beechmont initially to get familiar with the sites and landing zones but in the end we did some flying. We were lucky to do so as the weather forecast was not very good but the weather down the road can be very different to at home so always worth going out. Neil gave me a bit of advice and I took off and flew for an hour before toplanding, unfortunately my landing wasn't perfect but luckily nothing broken. It was good to be in the air again on my hangglider after so many months, last time was in August 2008. Neil has lost his driving licence for the next 3 months (speeding) so I will be taking him out to go a aussie flying mate. I really have to watch my driving speed so I don't get too many points on my licence..the police are really strict here.

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