woensdag 24 juni 2009

Mount Tamborine revisited

One of the definite advantages of working from home is you can plan your day as you like and take a day off when it suits you, which is what I did today. I wanted to take Inge to Mount Tamborine to see the shops, galleries, etc. We started off at the Cheese Making Shop/Factory (1st photo) but was a bit dissapointed as everything tasted like cheddar, even their Gouda(!).
I spotted a small billboard on the road so the next stop was a dutch cafe called 3 Nations where we had poffertjes (small dutch pancakes) the menu included dutch favourites like pea soup and other delights so worth a visit back again. Inge asked the owner (Boukje, a friesian) where she got her cheese from as we both really miss decent dutch cheese. So some ringing around to do.
The next stop was a crystal shop along the main street which was full of quirky shops and galleries. We both really had the feel that we were on holiday even though Mt Tamborine is only 1hrs drive away.

The last photo is of a quiant cotswold cottage, called Fig Tree Cottage which you can rent and stay in, maybe an idea for the future.

Yesterday we booked a 2 day stay at Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island via the internet, at the resort you can hand feed wild dolphins at night. Plenty of other things to do like going out on a boat for some whale watching and taking a closer look at dugongs. We will be going there in mid July so I will keep you all posted.

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