donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Dutch names in Australia

The pronounciation of dutch names here in Australia can give a few laughs.

Last saturday I went gliding and there was a visitor who had a voucher for a gliding flight. I asked him his name "SHOOT" he said. Just to be sure I asked him how to spell it "S C H U I T".(obviously a dutch name)
Oh, I said "S K O U T"
Yes! he said, how did you know?

The other one is on the TV. A newsreader with the name "GROEN" which she pronouces as "GREW-EN"

The cheese "GOUDA" is pronounced here as "GOO-DA".

The other one which makes me laugh is an actress with the name "BRAAKENSIEK"

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ivonne en frank zei

Ach ja,
in de USA is de achternaam van Frank ook VELMS....moeten we nog steeds om lachen.