zondag 1 november 2009

Its Halloween so we went on a Bat Boat Cruise

This evening we took a boat cruise up the Brisbane River to visit a bat colony on an island in the river. The bats, called Flying Foxes are fruit bats and roost there during the day and at sunset the whole colony of 20,000 bats takes off to feed on fruit and nectar. No photos of that Im afraid it was too dark and the batteries gave out on my digital camera...
The bat sight seeing tour was organised by a bat friendly group who nurse orphan baby bats, the volunteers brought two baby bats for the visitors to look at...strange to see a little baby bat face sucking on a teat. They may be a bat but they are cute at the same time and the volunteers said they are very intelligent

Of course Inge being a orphan squirral rescue veteren was very interested in the baby bats and how to look after them so expect more photos in the future.

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