woensdag 27 januari 2010

House and Garden get a makeover

So things are changing rapidly at our house and garden. Today we took the decision to remove three of the palm trees in the garden, they are a pain as they drop leaves and seeds in the pool and take up space offering little shade. So 2 samoan guys turned up at our door today and did the tree cutting so the photos are before and after. The awful old and rusty shed is going as well.
Also the floor laying upstairs is reaching completion, probably all finished tomorrow. Looks really nice, far better than the beige dirty carpets that were upstairs. We finished the painting upstairs and now Inge is busy painting downstairs while I work behind the computer. The ensuite bathroom is also on schedule, the plumber comes back next week to finish that off.
In just short of 2 weeks we move our furniture in. All very hectic and lots of expenses all at the same time, money is going out like nobody's business!

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