zaterdag 27 december 2008

Byron Bay visit

Today we went to Byron Bay, a 2,5hr drive south from Brisbane. The town is a mix between a surfing haven, backbacker centre and an alternative lifestyle resort, lots of new age shops, mixed in with surfing goods/clothes. After walking round we stopped in a cafe, we read a advert showing a 'Crystal Castle' in the hills 20mins from Byron Bay so we set off to investigate. It turned out to be a beautiful new age/buddhist tropical garden set on a hillside overlooking the bay which contained all sorts of huge crystals from Brazil and large statues, the biggest being a 4m high buddha. The statues were all made in Indonesia around Yogjajarkarta (not good spelling sorry). The gardens were fantastic and well landscaped on the hillside, the garden was 20yrs in the making and you could see that much effort had gone into it. Next to the garden was a replanted tropical forest to wander around but we were a little put off by the signs warning of snakes...!
The drive back to civilisation was through green hills and woodland, with small twisting roads that reminded us both of England. The rain of the last 2-3 months has made the countryside remain green into the summer. It really is quite different here to the dry and parched landscape of Perth, Western Australia where we first intended to move to. Looking at it now the green countryside of Brisbane is preferable to Perth.

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