woensdag 31 december 2008

New Year's Eve

New Years Eve day was a clear, hot 35C. We spent the evening watching the countdown to New Year's celebration in Sydney, the strange thing is Sydney is 1hr behind Brisbane so the local tv sends out the programme later than its actually filmed. So the tv in Europe sent the show out earlier than here(?)
New Years Eve here is very different to Holland, no one has fireworks themselves they go to friends houses and have a party or go to big firework events in the harbour, river, etc. No one in the street shaking the neighbours hands, etc.
For the 1.2 million people gathered around Sydney Harbour these Midnight Fireworks are the culmination of 12 hours of countdown and celebration.The display, featuring thunder, rain and lightning effects, was the largest ever staged in the city. About 5,000kg of fireworks were used.

The australians really know how to party...with or without alcohol....

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