maandag 9 maart 2009

Dalby Big Air Day 2

Nothing much to report today as the flying was cancelled due to strong winds and overdevelopment. We hung around the hanger until 1.30pm when the task committee made the announcement, we amused ourselves in the meantime playing space invaders on the video console. So anyway Neil and I sorted out my radio (it didn't work yesterday) and bought some groceries in town. Dalby is a reasonable sized outback town with 10,000 people living here. I has one main shopping street, a shopping mall with a supermarket a few coffee bars and a few pubs. I may take some photos of the street scene here if I get the chance.

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suzannehorncysiononam zei

Looks like you are having a very exciting time Dave, shame about the weather. I am really enjoying reading your blogs, can't wait to get there !