zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Dalby Big Air Last Day

Sorry no photos today, I didn't take my camera with me. The last day of the competition and the weather was even better than the day before with light winds and lots of nice puffy clouds. The locals described it as a "typical" flying day at Dalby, strong thermals upto 1800m and perfect conditions from horizon to horizon. I cannot describe the view well enough. The task was a triangle of I think 114km via two turnpoints and back to the airport. It was a racing day and the crack pilots just smoked around the course. I got lost after the 1st turnpoint when my gps died on me so just headed down the tarmac roads until I spotted where I was. I made it round the 2nd turnpoint and then headed back towards Dalby but didn't make it and landed 1/2 way towards Dalby. I saw our retreive car by the road picking up one of our team so decided to land there. We then raced back to the airport just before dark and had a barbbque and prize giving ceremony.
So that was Dalby, an epic weeks flying and possibly the best I've ever had. The weather usually makes for great flying here. I joined the club so will be back here again in the future.

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