zondag 5 april 2009

Australian Weather

Having been here more than six months now one thing which I am still getting to grips with here is the weather in this sub-tropical part of Australia. Reading and understanding the weather has been an interest of mine since I took up hanggliding more than twenty years ago however it seems that here I have to throw away my acquired knowledge learned in Europe and go back to school. Watching the weather forecast on tv is next to useless as they cant seem to predict anything they only report whats happening so I bought a technical book titled “Australian Weather Book” for the bargain price of 4 euros and am now reading it avidly.

There is a poem quoted in the book which I liked and it goes like this :

“I love a sunburnt country,
a land of sweeping plains,
of ragged mountain ranges,
of droughts and flooding rains”

This week we got to see the flooding rains again as on one day over 400mm fell in 24hrs.....the yearly total is 1600mm. One elderly woman drowned when her car was washed off the road. I have a healthy respect of the weather here and the extremes. We arrived here in Queensland after the worst drought in living memory with very little rainfall and empty dams (23% full) and now the dams have doubled in volume in just a few short months.

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