zondag 19 april 2009

Garden 'Expo

On Friday we went to a Gardening Expo here in Brisbane. Lots of things to see and ideas to try out. Just as I have to re-wire my brain for flying here, Inge has to do the same for gardening. The seasons are different and with a subtropical climate there are different flowers to take into account. We learnt about the nasty "fire ants" that give you a rash when they bite, seems they are becoming a big problem hee, accidently introduced from South America.
On Saterday we went to a Japanese Garden in Toowoomba which is 100km away. We then made a round trip by driving to Warwick. The weather was beautiful and mild at 27C with low humidity. We stopped in tourist information offices and picked up folders for some ideas in the next few months. Seems in the summer theres a sunflower route to drive round. It was nice to see the two towns we stopped in, very quaint with old building refurbished and put to new use.

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