zondag 31 mei 2009

1st Day of Winter

The 1st of June is the start of the winter season here in Queensland, the winter months are June, July and August, with July being the coldest month statistically at 15C which means that Queenslanders enjoy more winter sunshine and warmth than most other Australian states. The northern tropical parts of australia do not have summer and winter as such, here these months are the dry season although the recent rains goes against the weather trend.

As Australia is so large there are big variations in the winter climate. In the south-eastern zone in South Australia there is a wetter oceanic climate with mild winters, averaging about 20 degrees Celsius. Many consider the winter season to be the best time to visit Brisbane, avoiding the highest temperatures and humidity of summer and allowing for better conditions to explore the countryside...we will see...

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HAve a nice winter down there!