zondag 17 mei 2009

Cruise on the Brisbane River

On Sunday we went on a 4hr river cruise down the Brisbane River a bargain for Euro 15. The captain gave a running commentary on what we saw as we sailed down the river towards the Brisnae Container Terminal at the river mouth enterance where it meets the sea, giving a history lesson as well. There are superb riverfront properties just beyond the city centre worth millions, then it changes to industrial and port facilities as you go further down. Theres a photo of the rivercat which is a boat service which ferries commuters up and down the river. It was nice to see a dredger - the "Brisbane" at work and we saw many sides to the river both commercial, residential and private. They say a river and port give an insight into the heart of a city and I think thats the case with Brisbane it has really undergone amazing redevelopment over the years and it is set to continue as both the airport and the port facilities expand. They have only been running this cruise for a few months and its worth doing again as there's so much going on the river

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