zondag 6 december 2009

Australia Road Trip

This weekend I did a 1800km round trip to pick up my glider which I bought together with a fellow club member.

It was a good trip with nice weather underway. Shame to see the deathtoll of kangaroos along the roadside, there must have been hundreds!

The temperature inland was 39C.

The journey down took 11 hrs with brief stops for breakfat and lunch in McDonalds. We stayed in a motel and drove back on Sunday another 11hrs.

So I am now the proud co-owner of a sailplane.

3 opmerkingen:

marc zei

Dave and Inge,
Do you have pictures of the sail-plane?
It's getting rather hot out there, nice weather for singing songs like jingle bells.
Thank you for your nice card with the new address; it came today.

I'll write a longer e-mail in a couple of days.
Greetings, Marc

David zei

Yes I do have pictures, I will put some on when I make my 1st flight in the glider.
Xmas Day was 30C..too hot to eat things like turkey so I had seafood instead, Inge had cheese. Write an email to Inge's email address rather than post to this blog

Deltantony zei

Wow, you own your own sailplane.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Antony (Skyline)