donderdag 24 december 2009

Xmas Day

Xmas Day and its 30C.
Quite hot in a santa hat...Inge is in the garden doing some weeding. I have a seafood xmas meal to look forward to of prawns and mussels. A lot of people have a BBQ lunch or visit the beach for a swim.

4 opmerkingen:

ivonne en frank zei

O my, whish we could have a bbq right now....instead there's a little wet snow, rain, lots of "pekel" on the roads and the remainders of some beautiful snow.

Have a great chrismas overthere!

David zei

The last few days of Xmas has been unusually wet and raining off and on during the day, not that you hear anyone here complaining as the countryside really needs the rain.

marc zei

We didn't quite have a green Christmas, but it came close. All the snow of the week before the 25th has melted and much of the grass can be seen. This night the frost has started again and it's a little slippery. Tomorrow it will snow again, according to weather predictions.
That is very different from your weather there.
Greetings, Marc

ivonne en frank zei

He Inge en Dave,

Een heel goed en gezond 2010 gewenst!
Ivonne en Frank