maandag 20 december 2010

Australians face Christmas washout

DREAMS of the great Aussie Christmas barbecue are all but washed out with the weather predicted to be wet and wild over the holiday period.

In what could be the worst present ever, rain or storms are predicted to hit Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane and Canberra on Christmas Day, according to

The best places to spend the day will be Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. While the conditions won’t be perfect due to predicted cloud, at least it won’t rain.

Boxing Day is set to be even more miserable with rain or storms predicted in Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.

So we will be having a BBQ on the verandah out of the rain. Well at least the rain isnt fozen like in Europe!

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ivonne en frank zei

Hi Dave,

We hope you and Inge have a good bbq (?)at christmas, nice holidays and a very good, healthy and happy 2011!

All our love from
Ivonne en Frank

Dave & Inge zei

Thanks Ivonne best wishes to you and Frank.

bbq is "bar-b-que" or 'barbie' as the australians call it.

Most people cook seafood on the BBQ rather than having a turkey.

marc zei

Hi Dave and Inge,

I saw on the television that the weather in Queensland is very bad at the moment. I saw a lot of water and people told about crocodiles in the streets.
Is it also so bad at your place?
How was Christmas by the way?



Dave & Inge zei

Yes lots of flooding in the inland areas and in north queensland. We are ok in Brisbane not too much rain..only 300mm in 3 days! We live on a hill so it all runs off.
The weather forecast yesterday had 40C in Perth, flooding here in QLD and snow on the mountains in Tasmania. Australia is really a land of climate extremes!