donderdag 16 december 2010

Storm Front lashes Brisbane our garden gets hit by lightning!

Today I went out to Boonah for a gliding flight but when I got there I realised wild weather was on the way so turned round and went home. It was 35C and it just felt that a big storm wasnt far away, looking at the weather radar on the internet it showed a storm behind the mountains.

I arrived back home at 1pm just in time to see the storm front and the roll cloud arrive (see photos above!) with winds converging from two directions our house was soon battered by hailstones and driving rain coupled with lightning strikes getting closer all the time.

The sky just turned black so dark that our pool lights turned on. Our palm tree got hit by lightning (its just next to the house) and this blew out our phone and internet connection. Luckily we have mobile broadband so I can still work until the replacement modem comes next week. We went out later and bought a new phone. The storm dissappeared as quickly as it came but more is forecast for tonight.

Queensland certainly has some wild and spectacular weather, more storms are forecast tonight. Dont worry about us we'll be alright..

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