maandag 10 januari 2011

Flash flooding turns deadly

A severe weather warning has been released for the southeast where flooding is already wreaking havoc, with two people confirmed dead in Toowoomba's flash flood. This is only 50km from Brisbane with the water heading down the Brisbane rriver threatening to flood parts of the city.

People in the small town of Withcott, at the foot of the Toowoomba Range, are "a bit bamboozled" after unprecedented rain caused massive flash flooding today.

"People just can't believe what happened," Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Steve Jones said.

"Withcott's 800, 900 feet (245m to 275m) above sea level, and to be affected by floods is just something you'd never expect."

Petrol bowsers have been ripped out of the ground and swept 500m away, cars have floated through shop fronts, and houses have been swept off their stumps at Postmans Ridge and Grantham.

Seeing the film on the local news is shocking..the extent of the damage is incredible..more rain tonight..another 100mm or so..

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