woensdag 12 januari 2011

Two days without power but back on now

Its been 2 days since the last blog due to the fact that power was cut off as our suburb of Westlake was due to go under in a few low-lying places. They did, above are a few photos of the creeping menace...

The big houses on the riverfront are worse off and the ground floors are under. The day before yesterday we helped my flying mate lift stuff in his house above the expected floodline, I heard from him today that the flood was 200mm under his first floor so his stuff is safe...he swam to the house which is on the river front to take a look.

We walked around the suburbs close to where we live to get an idea of the floods, our suburb got off relatively lightly we think compared to others lower down the river.

Other friends we know are either cut off and cant get out or without power, we count ourselves lucky.

The danger of walking in the floods is falling into open manholes and drowning, it happened to someone today.

This is really a disaster of epic proportions which is not over yet....helicopers fly overhead constantly

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