woensdag 1 juli 2009

Flowers and Cheese

As expat "dutchies" the two things both Inge and I miss from Holland are flowers and cheese, for flowers we have our own garden which is a joy even in the winter. Cheese however is a bit more difficult to derive pleasure from here in Queensland so we tracked down a cheese importer and paid them a visit in a warehouse near the airport. They sell all sorts of imported foods and had Edam & Gouda chesses from Holland a 4,5kg piece sealed in wax. Its was a bargain at $75 dollars as you'd pay double that and more in the supermarkets....they only sell "fake" dutch cheese which tastes like cheddar.
These ponceittias(?) "Christmas" flowers make a good show in the garden, a whole bush of vibrant red...

Here's is one of Hollands best export products...
"Cheesehead - proud owner of an imported Gouda

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