dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort – Day 1

We traveled on the boat to the Resort from Brisbane, a 75minute journey on a high speed catamaran. On arrival we checked in and booked a whale watching cruise for the same afternoon on the same boat which we travelled on in the morning. The room was quite nice on the 4th storey with a view across the bay to the sunshine coast you can even see Brisbane in the distance.

At this time of year the humpback whales travel from Antartica to the Great Barrier Reef where the females give birth in warmer waters. We were treated to a group of whales moving along the coastline, we saw 13 whales in total. One of the group was splashing his pectoral fin onto the water. The whales fin is over 5metres long. Quite incredible to think that the whales don't feed again until they get back to Antartic waters and that the mother feeds its young 250litres of milk per day all from its blubber reserves.

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